Fieldworks Design Group is an ambitious multi-disciplinary design firm focused on embodying the main three spheres needed to create Sustainable cities: Economic, Social, and Environmental. The practice believes in coherent and holistic engagement between different design disciplines and is firmly grounded in the inherent and inseparable relationship that exists between construction and design.

When we started Fieldworks in 2015 we envisioned a multi-disciplinary firm that could act efficiently, and seamlessly within our current urban contexts. We have been actively contributing to the world of design through architecture; landscape architecture; urban design and graphic design. This mix of expertise allows us to interact comfortably and confidently with projects in each of these fields. At all times this knowledge is holistically combined and integrated in our projects.

Fieldworks Design Group, strives towards a coherent and holistic outlook between the different spheres of design, and believes in creating sustainable and resilient environments. We value a fluid- and open process throughout the entirety of  any commitment, while our multi-disciplinary design-approach promotes respectful engagement with the unique nature of each project’s intricacies.